WaterTite Exteriors

Our glass window repair services apply to all types of windows, no matter the shape, size or location.

Double-Pane Window Repair – Moisture between the panes indicates a broken seal. This often comes with reduced energy efficiency and visibility. We’ll repair the seal or replace the entire IGU if needed.

Broken Window Repair – Broken glass? Broken sash? Just won’t open? We can fix it!

Window Frame Repair – Rotten or damaged window frame? No problem. The wood and materials that hold windows in place can become damaged if they are not sealed and protected.

Window Mechanism Repair – Modern windows, such as casement and awning windows, have moving parts that can easily become damaged. Locks, hinges, and crank levers, our experts can handle it all.

Window Screen Repair – Was your screen damaged with your window? We can take care of that too. We can also repair large sliding screen doors. It’s amazing what a clean, new screen can do for your home.


Our Mission

We have a commitment to maintain and exceed the best service quality standards. We as a team, continuously strive to create a bigger and better impact on the community.

Our detailed roof analysis gives you a clear understanding of your roof system’s current condition and, if replacement is necessary, we will recommend the best roofing systems and materials to fit your house and your budget.

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