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Restoration Process afters Storms

Has your home recently been caught in the middle of a storm or major weather event? Weather takes a major toll on your home leaving you with leaks, holes or an overall unsafe roof. If this has happened to you, call the professionals at Watertite Exteriors. We have been trained to restore your home to like-new conditions at an affordable rate.

Maybe you are dealing with wind damage or maybe with hail damage. Regardless of the reason, weather damage may not be apparent to the homeowner immediately. Either way, we are here to help! Here is how we start the process:

  • First, have your roof physically inspected by one of our highly trained professionals. During this process, we check for cracks, leaks, damaged roofing tiles and much more.
  • Secondly, if we do find there to be damage, we will advise you to contact your insurance provider. As long as the roofing damage was due to severe weather conditions, your insurance should cover the full payment.
  • Lastly, you will then file an insurance claim with your insurance company. Then make an appointment for an insurance adjuster to meet with a representative for a final inspection.

We work to make this process as easy as possible in order to provide you with the restoration services that you deserve. Call us today if your home has been affected by severe weather conditions, we are ready to help.

Phone: (678) 597-8493 - Service Areas: Lawrenceville, GA and a 100 mile radius.

The WaterTite Exteriors Warranty and Guarantee

We offer a 10 year warranty on all workmanship! You can’t get better than that.

So call today for a friendly chat to discuss your project. Free estimates available.

Phone: (678) 597-8493 - Service Areas: Lawrenceville, GA and a 100 mile radius.

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    Restoration Process after Storms

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