Residential Roofing Installation

residential roof installation

Enjoy the Benefits of a New Roof!

If it’s time to replace your roof or install a new roof on a home you’re building, your choice is easy! WaterTite Exteriors is the leading roofing contractor in Lawrenceville, GA, and we’re here to make your life easy with a beautiful custom roof that performs. Your new roof will look fantastic and last for years with the latest in roofing technology and installation techniques. Our team of roofing technicians is very experienced, and we work on all types of homes. Whether you are interested in a new asphalt shingle roof, tile roof, new gutters, or any other type of roof, we’ll manage the project from end to end. Find out why we’re the premier residential roof installation company in the area. Schedule an appointment for roof installation in Lawrenceville, GA by calling 678-597-8493 today! Our team is standing by to get things started as quickly as possible!

Custom Residential Roof Installation Solutions

When you’re looking for a new roof, you want a team that can handle the job well at a price that you can afford. WaterTite Exteriors has a large supply of quality roofing materials to choose from, and we can design a roof that fits your needs and your budget. Our clients in Lawrenceville, GA rely on us for high-end roofs that look terrific and stand the test of time. You’ll love the way your roof looks once we’re through!

  • The Initial Consultation – When you call us to inquire about a new roof installation, someone on our team will ask you several questions to understand things like house size, roof shape, and your style preferences. We’ll line everything up over the phone and present a few different custom designs for you to choose from.
  • Sending a Team – We’ll send a team with an experienced roofer to look over your property and make sure our design meets your requirements. We’ll measure everything out and order any surplus materials we need to have them in before the installation is finished.
  • The Installation Process – We’ll be on-site and available throughout your installation. We do a good job of adapting to your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your work and home life. WaterTite Exteriors brings enough resources to every job to finish quickly and deliver the results that you expect.

Through the entire installation, we’ll be here to ask questions and keep you updated. Most of our clients want to know what’s going on regularly, and we’ll be there to make sure you’re kept in the loop.

Replacement Vs. Repair

How do you know when it’s time to install a new roof or fix your existing one? It can certainly be a tough choice for many homeowners, especially because new installation costs more money. The problem many people run into is dealing with recurring maintenance issues that add up over time. You think you’re saving money now, but over the long-term, you’re in the hole because you waited too long to replace an old roof.

It’s easy to understand the temptation of getting more years out of an aging roof. What you need, though, is an expert roofer who will tell you when repairs are no longer the best option. WaterTite Exteriors will give you an honest look at your roof and help you make the right call for your home.

Bring Your Dream Home to Life!

Don’t wait any longer! Get an amazing custom roof installed at a fantastic price. You’ll love the way your home looks, and your roof will be built to last. We take pride in getting our clients more years out of their roofs with the best materials and attention to detail possible. Whether you’re looking for a high-end metal roof or a quality asphalt shingle solution, we’ve got you covered. Call 678-597-8493 now to schedule the next available appointment for roof installation in Lawrenceville, GA! We’re here to answer any of your questions!