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Health and Safety Policy requires total commitment from all levels . roof replacements roofing

Roof Replacements

Water Tite exteriors is appreciated and acknowledged by its wide and satisfied customer base because of the quality roof inspection and assessment they conduct. Our detailed report gives you a clear idea of the roof system’s current condition and if replacement is necessary, we recommend the best roofing systems to suit your needs.

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WaterTight Exteriors Roof Repair

With 30 plus years combined of enriching experience in home repair and improvement and its team of certified, experienced and accredited experts Water Tite exterior has created a mark in the industry. The best way to care for your roof is to get all the little damages properly accessed by experts. Even the tiniest of the leaks should be addressed and attended within due time because any delay can cause further damage to the roof and everything it is supp roof replacements

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Leak Repair

Leaks are dangerous and can seriously damage the roof of your house if left unattended. There are several good reasons for you to seek professional help when you have a leaking roof. is not just about convenience, but also about the use of high-quality material, the right tools, accuracy, and quality of workmanship.

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Emergency Service

Because of the sheer unpredictability of Mother Nature, it is very important for know that anytime if any part of your roofing leaves your house exposed, it is an alarm for emergency repair. We, at Water Tite Experts, offer 24 hours roof repair services. As soon as it is safe, our team of trained contractors promptly bring you the best aid for your roof issues.

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Insurance Claims Process

Apart from repairing and restoring the fitness of your roofing system we also assist you in getting adequate compensation from your insurance company. With years of experience in working with insurance companies, we ensure you get the full compensation by providing you with proper documentation and repair estimates of the storm damage on your house for insurance companies perusal.

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Our latest Project

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Our Advantages

Take care of Nature.

1. We recycle your old shingles. Whenever possible we will deliver to a recycler to keep your shingles out of the landfill.

2.we offer sustainable solutions for your roofing and construction needs.

New Technologies.

1. Safety Equipment.. New product include special boots that have a replaceable sponge or foam sole. it grips the roof so the roofer does not slip. This in conjunction with ropes and Harnesses makes your roof replacement as safe as it can be. But we are very careful. Rest Assured.

2. Almost all manufacturers are now making Synthetic underlayment. This adds considerable value to your roof. It does not tear as easily as (felt) so fewer leaks. It has a grippy texture. Makes it safer for the installers. And most rolls cover 10 square yards. so it is more convenient to use. Felt comes in 15lbs at 4sq and 30 lbs at 2 sq.

Why use us.

Because we CARE.

We care about your home as if it was ours. Because we are a local company we are neighbors. We care about how your Home looks and that it is WaterTite.

We care about our reputation. We. are the Roofer you can trust to get your roof repaired correctly and at the right price.

We put it in writing. If WaterTite makes you an unbelievable offer on our products or service. Don't worry we will stand behind our work. We have a 5 Star rating on Google and Guild Quality.

Take care of Nature.

3. WaterTite Exteriors works efficiently so as to eliminate unneeded Waste. Keep resources from being wasted.

4. We adhere to the latest building codes and use the best and highest quality products available. Training our installers is the key to our success in this area especially doing the job right keeps from having to replace a roof or other products before its useful life is up.

New Technologies.

3. One of the most innovative options in shingles is Owens Corning's Nail Strip technology. It gives an extra wide nail strip for the roofer to nail into. But it also makes the shingle seal better and since the strip is a woven ribbon material, the nails do not blow through as easy.

4. May new Technologies for low pitch roofing.


Stay up to date with all our latest news and launches. Only the best quality makes it onto our blog!

Roof Repair

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